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Public Safety Planning & Management - Consulting - Government Relations - Risk Mitigation


Code 4 Event Management was founded with a mission to reinvent the festival conceptualization, planning, and execution process to produce intelligent, efficient, and safer events. We provide turnkey event public safety management and consulting services built upon interdepartmental collaboration and strategic planning. This unified approach allows us to align and maximize resources, mitigate risk/liabilities, and provide the best care and protections to our patrons, while empowering our clients to focus on the other critical components of producing unforgettable fan experiences.

The Code 4 Event Management team is comprised of industry experts recruited from the fields of event production, emergency medicine, law enforcement, fire service/prevention, and security management. Each of our specialists present a unique set of skills, expertise, and experience to our clients and are cross-trained in multiple disciplines of public safety administration. The result is a highly skilled team of versatile event management professionals, equipped to lead our clients through the dynamic, fast-paced environment of live events.

Our scope of work is custom tailored in accordance with our clients' needs and existing support.


Our core competencies include:



Venue Suitability Assessment and Negotiation

Strategic Planning and Negotiations

Emergency and Evacuation Planning

Health and Safety Consulting

Comprehensive Law Enforcement Management

Turnkey Security Planning and Management

Medical Operations Development and Direction

Fire Safety/Suppression/Life Safety Coordination   

Site Design, Planning, and Development

Local, State, and Federal Government Liaising

Mass Gathering Permitting and Compliance

Risk/Threat Profile Assessments

Narcotics/Explosives K9 Program Administration

Crisis Communication Plans/PR Consulting

Traffic Control Engineering and Street Closures

Personnel Deployment and Dispatching Systems

Tour and Venue Safety Program Implementation

ADA Hospitality and Compliance

Credentialing/Access Control Systems 

Public Safety Campaigns and Messaging

Parking and Shuttle Operations

Counter-Terrorism Measures

Government Relations

Peer Ambassador Program Development

Surveillance Program Development


Command Post Management

Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, and Security Direction

Incident/Emergency Management

Crisis Communications/PIO

Pickpocket Interdiction and Enforcement

Social Media Monitoring/Intelligence Coordination

Privatized Fire, Health, and Safety Inspections

Incident/Accident Investigations and Documentation

Advanced Weather Monitoring and Response

Traffic Control and Queue Management

Deployment and Dispatching Coordination

Narcotics/Contraband Detection and Interdiction

Multi-Departmental Safety Briefings

Hazard and Threat Mitigation

Personnel Auditing and Inspection



Comprehensive Event After-Action Report

Expert Witness Testimony

Insurance Claims Management

Security Statistics Reporting and Analysis

Medical Statistics Reporting and Analysis

Multi-Departmental Debriefing

Contractor Invoice Auditing

CCTV Footage Analysis

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